Urban Bonfire Outdoor Kitchens for Vancouver’s Four Seasons

Urban Bonfire Outdoor Kitchens Vancouver

Thanks to our moderate climate, Vancouver BC is an all-season city for those who enjoy the great outdoors. But this article isn’t about hiking, kayaking, or jogging along the Stanley Park Seawall. Instead, we’re talking about basking in the glory of your own deck and backyard, beginning with the epicentre of any home entertaining experience – the kitchen. Or in this case, an outdoor kitchen. 

Many Lower Mainland homeowners are unfamiliar with all that can be accomplished when it comes to an outdoor kitchen, and to be fair there are limitations when looking at most options. However, when it comes to one particular outdoor kitchen solution the possibilities are endless – Urban Bonfire. Today, we’re going to look at why Urban Bonfire systems will help you get more enjoyment out of your home through all four seasons.

5 Reasons Why Urban Bonfire Kitchen Systems Allow Vancouver Homeowners to Expand Their Home Entertaining Horizons Outdoors

Holds Up to Greater Vancouver Weather, All Year Long

One thing that keeps homeowners who are on the fence about installing an outdoor kitchen from committing, is the fear that it simply won’t hold up through the harsh autumn, winter, and early spring weather. In the Lower Mainland, rains hit hardest in October and November, while extreme winds batter homes and backyards from October all the way to April. Factor in climate change that’s been dumping more snow on us over the last few winters and you’ve got a lot to contend with. There’s no way an outdoor kitchen can hold up to all of that, year after year, right? With most outdoor kitchen systems you have a point, but when RISE Outdoor designs and installs your Urban Bonfire solution you have nothing to be concerned about. Urban Bonfire kitchens are not only designed with aesthetics, function, and value in mind – they are built for longevity no matter where you live. 

The systems are engineered for precision manufacturing, boast double-layered insulated doors, and have a premium levelling system that easily adapts to various site conditions. Cabinet modules are rugged, and assembled domestically with the highest quality materials and most importantly are assembled by experienced craftspeople. Here’s a breakdown of Urban Bonfire quality features that prove it’s a four-season solution:

  • Marine-grade, thick gauge aluminum construction
  • Rigid cabinet structure
  • 304 stainless steel interior hardware
  • Interior and exterior electrostatic powder coating for protection from the elements
  • Made of non-combustible materials
  • Engineered to withstand nearly all climate and weather conditions
  • Proudly made in North America

Need some more peace of mind? Let’s cap it off with the fact that Urban Bonfire kitchens come with a 10-year limited warranty!

Compatible With Your Existing Outdoor Cooking Equipment Brands

Most homeowners who are interested in expanding their outdoor kitchen set-ups have an existing piecemeal “situation” going on. The biggest concern is having to scrap the investments made so far in order to put together the outdoor kitchen they’ve always dreamed about. With Urban Bonfire systems, this is not the case. Not only are Urban Bonfire solutions born from quality domestic manufacturing (everything addressed above) they are compatible with all major outdoor cooking equipment brands. That means the all-weather grill you bought last year can keep feeding family and friends for many seasons to come!

Aesthetics That Consider Changing Seasons

Most outdoor kitchen solutions are designed to marry the aesthetics of spring and summer, but when the autumn and winter arrive – amber lawns, falling leaves, and barren trees make the scene less appealing. However, when you secure a partner in Urban Bonfire (RISE Outdoor) you gain access to a fully integrated in-house design team that will consider the look and feel of your outdoor system through all four seasons. Everything from natural light transition to the changing colours of surrounding flora and fauna will be considered until you have an outdoor kitchen to be proud of no matter the time of the year.

Designs Customized To Your Somewhat Fickle Seasonal Tastes

A lot of home designs change significantly with the passing of each season. It may feel nautical in the summer, cozy cottage in the autumn, a wonderland in the winter, and be replete with pastels in the spring. It’s easy enough to swap out furnishings, accents, accessories, and paint on the interior, but an outdoor kitchen and dining set-up is a lot less forgiving, right? In general, yes, but when you have RISE Outdoor lighting the way with an Urban Bonfire system you find a team dedicated to creating designs that are expressions of your unique individuality – no matter how fickle you may be with the changing seasons. Urban Fire systems are fully customizable and allow for easy accessorizing, upgrades, and expansion. The end result is a truly custom outdoor kitchen solution that is highly engaging and interactive, which means it can adapt to aesthetic and functional changes that you may want to make as each season (or year) moves on to the next.

Layouts That Consider the Changing Number of Users

You most likely entertain more guests outdoors in the late spring and summer. But as someone who desires an outdoor kitchen, you plan on using it for just your household through the autumn, winter, and early spring too. That means you need a layout and design that accommodates both scenarios as they change with the time of year. Too much vacant space will feel less comfortable when it’s just you and the family, and not enough space will make a large number of guests feel claustrophobic. RISE Outdoor’s expert exterior design team will leverage the customizable layouts afforded by Urban Bonfire outdoor kitchen systems to find a perfect balance for your seasonally changing needs. Function and comfort will both be optimized to account for the varying number of guests. 

Whether you’re interested in receiving an estimate today or simply want to have a friendly conversation about your outdoor kitchen options we encourage you to call RISE Outdoor at your earliest convenience. Any time of the year is a great time to start planning for your dream outdoor kitchen.