5 Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen 

Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen Vancouver

Wish you could cook and entertain from the deck of your home? Looking to expand upon your backyard landscape design with a statement-making installation? An outdoor kitchen is the solution to both and so much more. Today we’re going to take a look at the practical benefits of adding a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen to your property’s exterior. 

Top 5 Advantages of Adding an Outdoor Kitchen to Your Overall Landscape Design

1. Expands the Living Space of Your Home

An outdoor kitchen creates an entirely new living area for your household to enjoy. No longer constrained by interior square footage, you are essentially adding a whole new room by capitalizing on available outdoor space. A custom-designed layout offers so much more than an area to cook, but a place to kick back and read a good book, get some homework done in quiet (sorry kids), have a glass of wine or cocktail without disruption, or fall asleep on a warm summer’s eve while gazing at the stars. Better yet, when you have your new outdoor kitchen installed by RISE Outdoor, a partner with Urban Bonfire, you will gain usable living space that can be enjoyed through all four seasons in Greater Vancouver BC. It’s no cliche to say that the possibilities are endless.

2. You’ll Become the Entertainer You’ve Always Dreamed of Being

Have you always wanted to play host to dinner parties, cocktail tastings, Super Bowl shindigs, or assorted soirées, but never had available interior space? You will when you install a thoughtfully designed outdoor kitchen to blend in with your landscape. All you need to do is tell RISE Outdoor what you have in mind when it comes to entertaining in your up and coming exterior space and we will ensure that the installation is custom-designed to your vision. Through Urban Bonfire outdoor kitchen systems we are able to offer you a carefully curated selection of colours, hardware design, accessories, and material options to allow for complete creativity in the layout, functionality, and aesthetics. Pretty soon you’ll be the talk of the town as the ultimate home entertainer. You might want to consider charging admission!

3. You Can Save Money by Cooking Outdoors More

Cooking in the late spring and summer in the Lower Mainland taxes two of your biggest energy-consuming appliances at once – HVAC (air conditioning) and the oven (especially if electric). Preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the oven and on the stove consumes energy and warms your house which has occupants cranking up the AC to cool down. You may think you’re saving money by cooking and eating at home but when you factor in this cost the financials are less clear cut. But there’s a solution.

By investing in an outdoor kitchen, you can now take your cooking outdoors for a significant portion of the year in Greater Vancouver BC. Factor in an energy-smart, gas, or charcoal grill along with considerate grilling practices (i.e. not starting the grill until the food is ready to put on it) you will reduce your home’s energy expenditure. Plus, there’s no need to turn on the A/C or interior kitchen exhaust/range hood fan when grilling outside.  

4. Reduce the Risk Household Fires That Come from Cooking Indoors

Every time you cook outdoors you proportionately reduce the risk that comes from cooking indoors. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that 49% of home fires, 21% of the home fire deaths, and 45% of home fire injuries are the result of traditional (read: indoor) cooking in the kitchen. When you take food preparation, cooking, and reheating outside for any number of days you dramatically reduce risks to the health and safety of occupants along with the subsequent damage to your home interior.

5. BBQ All Year!

We saved the best, albeit most obvious, for last. That’s right, with a RISE Outdoor installed outdoor kitchen you will significantly extend BBQ season! Currently, you’re probably tucking away your BBQ or grill when the weather takes a turn for the worst, but with our weatherproof exterior kitchen designs you can create a sheltered environment that allows you to comfortably cook in the rain and when you add strategically placed heaters you may even BBQ and dine outside in the winter. Plus, our systems are compatible with all major outdoor cooking equipment brands, so you don’t need to rush out to buy a new BBQ or grill. 

Contact RISE Outdoor today for an estimate, or simply a friendly conversation about what we can do to improve your quality of life at home, with an outdoor kitchen.