7 Outdoor Kitchen Tips For You To Get Started

Dear homeowner, BBQ lover in Vancouver-BC:

Please read these 7 seven quick outdoor kitchen tips which encapsulate the hard-earned wisdom of outdoor BBQing design to get started.

What if you could avoid all the pitfalls and common mistakes that rookie BBQ lovers make when they’re considering their outdoor kitchen design? We practically begged our hard-core BBQ lovers and homeowners to share their carefully guarded outdoor kitchen design secrets with you, don’t let it go to waste!

1. The Layout Is Everything

Why is the layout of your outdoor kitchen design so important? Because it’s all about streamlining your workflow. Follow the “work triangle” rule, and you’ll be fine. Make sure to balance the spaces between your grill, sink, and refrigerator, and kitchen cabinets for the best performance.

2. How to Choose Equipment

A fully functional outdoor kitchen will take more than just a grill. Your backyard design shouldn’t neglect umbrellas, refrigerator, storage cabinets, sink, and heater.
These aren’t nice to have, but they’re essential for an optimum BBQ experience. Talk to your landscape design professional. It’ll help you plan your outdoor kitchen design while staying within your budget limits.
Backyard design specialists have catalogs and prices for every component of your outdoor kitchen design, so it won’t be difficult for you to build a successful plan with their help.

3. The Materials

The stuff of your outdoor kitchen must be the strongest and most durable it can be. The outdoor kitchen cabinets must be waterproof and fireproof, if possible.
Aluminum or stainless-steel cabinets are the best choices for cabinetry. Granite, concrete, or engineered products such as Dekton are excellent for countertops. As for decorative touches, brick, wood, steel porcelain tiles are in vogue.

4. Gas, Electricity, and Water

You’ll have a lot of fun outside, the last thing you want is going inside to charge your mobile phone or get a bottle of water.
Remember to have enough power outlets, whether for general use or your appliances.
You might need to plan early on the gas source, and whether it’ll be natural gas or propane.
Finally, install water pipes and faucets since you’ll have a sink, and will eventually get thirsty from all the heat of the delicious BBQ.

5. Protection Against the Elements

Sadly, one of the most random elements of outdoor kitchen design is the weather.
If you want to enjoy a delicious meal in the open air, remember to safeguard your equipment and furniture first.
For example, an umbrella can shelter you from rain and sun alike in case you are unable to go with a more permanent solution, such as a retractable roof or a real one.
Choose waterproof furniture, so you don’t have to replace them regularly.

6. The Lights

The second most unpredictable element of outdoor kitchen design is lighting.
It can make or break your whole outdoor BBQ experience. You don’t want to cook or eat in the dark. Make sure you have enough lighting to make it an enjoyable night with the family. Pro tip: install low voltage landscape lighting. Light Owl Landscape Lighting does a great job in the Vancouver – BC area.

7. Entertainment Options

Entertainment is a vital piece when planning an outdoor kitchen design.
Whether you’d like to install a large screen for watching TV and movies, or a sound system to play music for the party, you should plan early on.
It’ll be a significant challenge to install entertainment systems after you set up your outdoor kitchen.

Want More?

We asked our BBQ loving customers and our in-house design team about their best outdoor kitchen design tips, and we hope their answers helped you.
For the complete outdoor BBQ experience, around this time of year, you might need the help of a professional. Please, pick up your phone now and call us 604-227-6611, for a concept meeting to discuss all the details of your new outdoor kitchen design. Or use our contact page.

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