Outdoor Kitchen Appliances! 5 Must-Haves You Can’t Go Without

Outdoor kitchen appliances

Cooking. BBQ. The open-air. Your loved ones surround you. Still, something is missing. What will make your outdoor kitchen cooking and BBQ experience more enjoyable? It isn’t more countertop space, plants, and not even a better view. You feel something is missing, but you can’t put your finger on it. Could outdoor kitchen appliances be the missing piece? Yes, […]

7 Outdoor Kitchen Tips For You To Get Started

Dear homeowner, BBQ lover in Vancouver-BC: Please read these 7 seven quick outdoor kitchen tips which encapsulate the hard-earned wisdom of outdoor BBQing design to get started. What if you could avoid all the pitfalls and common mistakes that rookie BBQ lovers make when they’re considering their outdoor kitchen design? We practically begged our hard-core […]

Urban Bonfire Outdoor Kitchens for Vancouver’s Four Seasons

Urban Bonfire Outdoor Kitchens Vancouver

Thanks to our moderate climate, Vancouver BC is an all-season city for those who enjoy the great outdoors. But this article isn’t about hiking, kayaking, or jogging along the Stanley Park Seawall. Instead, we’re talking about basking in the glory of your own deck and backyard, beginning with the epicentre of any home entertaining experience […]