Why IPE Wood for Decking and Outdoor Floors

Our hardwood tiles are constructed exclusively with Ipe hardwood because this type of wood is noted for its stability, prolonged life, hardness, excellent weathering properties and resistance to insect attack. Ipe tiles are expected to conserve their attractive appearance over an extended time.
Ipe hardwood presents a pleasant color variation that adds character to the overall look of a project. Its color can show a mix of medium to dark brown sometimes with a reddish undertone. Over time these color changes will minimize, and the wood will fade into a silvery gray tone.
As supplied, the panels do not have any sealant or decking oil applied to the surface. A coat of sealant is applied on the spot during our installation. This procedure helps to reduce the rate of fading, and to an extent, it will minimise the loss of moisture on the surface of the Ipe tiles. We offer the ability to customize the tint color used in the sealant, to have our Ipe match the look desired.
Our Ipe hardwood panels come waxed at the ends to reduce cracking. Note that a small amount of checking and splitting can be expected, as a natural occurrence in the normal weathering process. We offer maintenance services to clients that want to keep their Ipe looking consistently fresh.


High resistance to termites, decay and mold

Very hard and dense

Wear resistant and scuff resistant

Class A fire rating

High bending and shearing strength

High resistance to warping and twisting

Lower maintenance than softer wood species


Our Ipe hardwood had a test undertaken at the Florida International University Hurricane Research Center. They results showed that blow off of our Structural Ipe Hardwood tiles 24” x 24”, when installed on fixed height pedestals and, with a 12” elevation, did not occur until wind speeds reached 130 mph.
For additional safety, our Structural Ipe Hardwood tiles have a slot cut in each corner enabling a special screw and washer to be inserted without damaging the wood surface, to “lock down” the tiles to the pedestal.


Ipe hardwood tiles naturally fade when exposed to the UV in the sunlight. The speed of which it will happen depends on the amount of exposure to direct sunlight, climate conditions and at what frequency the panels receive sealant application.
Wood sealant which contains trans-oxide pigments or other proprietary UV absorbing or reflecting properties is chosen for an extended result, periods in between applications. We strongly recommend the use of these specialized products to maximize the
beauty and durability of your deck. Check out our maintenance program!

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