LED Landscape Lighting Design & Install

Outdoor lighting brings exceptional beauty to your outdoor space. A quality low voltage LED lighting system offers durability, versatility, efficiency and all weather performance. It will not only improve the look of your property but also enhance the way you use and interact with the space.

Some questions to think about when preparing for your outdoor lighting consultation:

  • What do I love the most about my outdoor space?
  • How do I use the space at night?
  • Is there a special feature outside I want to highlight?
  • Do I need security or safety lighting?

Low Voltage Lighting Fixtures

LED System Options


Choose to put your system on a timer; your lights will turn on and off every day at the same time.


Let the amount of day light determine when to turn your system on and off automatically.


Use an app to control your outdoor lighting from the convenience of your smartphone.

Get Your Outdoor Lighting in 3 Simple Steps

STEP 1 - Consultation

Invite us over for an in-home consultation. You’ll have the opportunity to let us know your ideas and needs. We’ll take pictures and measurements of your property and prepare a design concept. We’re happy to use this opportunity to provide you with the best service.

STEP 2 - Lighting Concept

We’ll use all the information we collected during our consultation and come up with a plan that suits your outdoor lighting needs. The plan will present you with our design ideas for placement and the suggested outdoor lighting fixtures that are suitable for the space.

STEP 3 - Installation

After you have approved your lighting plan we’ll be able to set a date for that install which usually happens within 2-3 weeks. The overall duration of the install will be discussed. This phase also includes a night visit for minor adjustments and for final inspection.

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